• Sleeps: 2 adults + 1 child
  • Weight: 800 lbs. (including jacks)
  • Roof/Wall Framing: composite panels (fiberglass/1.5" styrofoam/fiberglass), extruded aluminum corners
  • Floor Framing: 1.5" composite honeycomb/fiberglass with hose out industrial rubber flooring
  • Interior Height: 6' 5"
  • Door Height: 5' 9"
  • Exterior Bottom Length: 7' 6"
  • Exterior Bottom Width: 3' 11"
  • Exterior Height: 6' 9"
  • Single Bed Dimensions: Two single 30" x 80" beds on each side or one queen 60" x 80" bed
Dimensions Side.JPG
Dimensions Back.JPG

800lbs = Light Enough for 1/2 Truck and More

We don't even notice that the Cave slide in truck camper is on the back of our 1/2 ton truck it's so light.  Most hard wall truck campers are too heavy to load on a 1/2 ton truck so you need to buy a 3/4 ton truck to be within manufacturer load limits and to be safe.  The Cave slide in truck camper allows you to handle rough roads without jostling your truck all around and leaves payload and towing capacity for your gear, boats, snowmobiles, etc. (800 lbs. includes jacks and mattresses)


The walls and roof are made from composite panels of 1.5" styrofoam sandwiched between fiberglass.  The floor design trades a little r-factor insulation for strength with a honeycomb core.  Seams are minimized with a clever process where by the panels are curved vs. cut where possible.  It's all held together by beefy extruded aluminum on the edges and corners.  There's nothing to rot or rust ever.  



Every surface of the Cave slide in truck camper can get wet and easily wipes down.  You and your gear gets dirty when you play outdoors.  Bring it.  We made the Cave so easy to clean you can hose it out.  


Less is more is a clear design principle of the Cave truck camper.  The focus use case is on sleeping, storing and retrieving gear, and getting out of inclement weather.  By removing the kitchen and bathroom there is less maintenance, more space, and less weight.  We chose easy to remove bins and open storage over cabinetry because ... well, that's all that is really needed.

Seating Configuration

Seating Configuration

Spacious Floor Plan

In seating mode there is plenty of space for two individuals to move around.  This makes stowing and retrieving gear incredibly convenient.  The fold down table provides room for four people to play cards or have dinner.

Sleeping for Two Buddies

An extension folds out on each bench to provide two separate beds while leaving room to walk down the center of the slide in truck camper (table can be removed to provide more room to walk).  At 30" wide and 80" long there's plenty of room to get comfortable.  How you stop your buddy from snoring is up to you.

Sleep Configuration - Two Single Beds

Sleep Configuration - Two Single Beds

Sleep Configuration - Queen Bed

Sleep Configuration - Queen Bed

A Queen Bed for Couples

The table folds down and cushions are shuffled around to create a queen sized bed that is a full 60" x 80".  If you move your gear from the cab over storage it even doubles as a child bed.