How to Order

Cave campers are sold direct to the end user to minimize the cost of the middleman.  



You can gain a very good understanding of the Cave camper through the pictures and specifications on this web page.  If you'd like to step inside the camper before ordering call us to arrange a visit with us or to the closest referral customer in your area.  

Placing the Order

To place and order, please add the items to your cart and submit.  Once we receive 50% payment upfront we will process your order.  The remaining 50% is due upon delivery.

Cave camper before logos & shipping

Cave camper before logos & shipping

Building and Shipping

Our truck campers are made to order as part of our vision of minimizing costs (holding inventory is expensive).  The average turn around on an order is two months.  You have the option of picking up the camper yourself or you can pay for it to be shipped to your location.

Picking up at the factory involves arranging a time during weekday business hours.  The same goes for shipping to a near location near you.  Assuming you ordered the Cave camper with jacks on it you will simply show up with your truck, raise the camper with the jacks, back up under it, secure it to your truck, raise the jacks, and drive away.

Cave camper being delivered

Cave camper being delivered

container or Trucking

The cave camper fits inside any container or truck so can be shipped worldwide. The one you see here is headed to the Netherlands.